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20 February – 2 March 2023
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APNIC EC ELECTION - Code of Conduct

EC Election Nominee Code of Conduct

As the elected representatives of APNIC Members, EC Members have certain duties, including to act honestly and in the best interests of APNIC. Appropriate conduct from nominees for the APNIC EC is often a strong indicator of how they will conduct themselves if elected.

A Code of Conduct has been developed to help promote a high standard of professional and ethical conduct of all Nominees and to ensure the election process remains transparent and equitable.

How to report a breach

If you experience or witness any behaviour that breaches the Code of Conduct, please report the behaviour to Reports will be reviewed by the Code of Conduct Chair and a breach notice detailing any confirmed breach of the code will be published on this page and on the candidate profile.

The EC-appointed Code of Conduct Chair is independent consultant, Anne Lord.